Selecting Fabric – Factors To Consider

Consider if You Need to Be Able to Dye the Fabric There are times when you will want the piece that you are creating to have specific colors in them. If you cannot find the color that you want in a fabric, look for a fabric that you can dye to the perfect color. There are some fabrics that have no dyes in them at all so that they can be customized completely. Consider the Breathability of the Fabric You want to be sure that the pieces you create are comfortable for people to wear. Choosing fabric that is breathable is important because it allows people to not feel too hot when they wear the clothing. Choose fabric that is breathable, such as cotton so that it your piece is as comfortable as it can be. Consider How the Fabric Has to be Cleaned You need to consider if you want the finished clothing to be machine washable or material that has to be cleaned at the dry cleaners. Clothing that has to be dry cleaned makes your piece marketable to a smaller audience because some people don’t invest in clothing that requires dry cleaning. It’s important to make sure that you choose fabrics that will make your pieces as appealing to as many people as possible to better your chances of being able to sell the pieces quickly. Choosing lightweight clothing that is easy to clean is the best option.