Fabric Sourcing 101

The first part of coming up with any new fashion design is deciding the type of fabric that will be used to create the clothing. This is where fabric sourcing comes in. Fabric sourcing is when you determine how and where you will obtain the materials needed for your clothing. The better quality material you choose, the better quality your clothing will be. This is essential if you want to have long-term customers.

Let’s start by going over some basic elements of fabric sourcing.

Where to obtain fabric

It is important to find places in your area that store large amounts of fabric. This is because average fabric stores will not have enough fabric to make a lot of clothes.

Find wholesalers or mills near where you live. Determine how often they are able to ship the material to you and whether it is something that is in stock frequently. Also, be sure to ask for samples of the fabric; never agree to obtain a fabric before handling it in person. This is because you may end up with something that wasn’t what you expected.

Best advice

  • Ask as many questions as possible.
    • It is essential to ask questions when fabric sourcing. Otherwise, you could end up purchasing material that you do not need or that will not suit the requirements of the product you want to create.
  • Buy ethical products.
    • Always do your best to purchase fabric made in ethical means. Be sure to ask the fabric supplier about what type of environment employees are working in and what raw materials they use. If you feel that you and a supplier do not have the same moral standards, turn them down.
  • Determine your requirements for the fabric.
    • Before jumping into anything, determine the exact requirements you have:
      • What type of design do you want?
      • What exact colors are you looking for?
      • How much do you need approximately?
      • Should the fabric be stretchy?
      • How should it need to be cleaned?

There are many different types of fabrics and you need to come into this with a good idea of precisely what you want.